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Build more muscle (tempo)

What is Tempo? Usually written as 3010 tempo refers to the timing of a particular exercise. The First Number The first number is for the negative or eccentric phase – in other words, when you are lowering the weight or when you are moving in a direction opposite to the[…]

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How to measure your progress

When it comes to health and fitness most people will use scales to track progress.  This, obviously, can be a good way to track to see that you are losing or gaining weight and making progress. What happens when that number on the scales doesn’t move in the right direction[…]

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8 Week Transformation

Every year I make the same new years resolution to become fitter, healthier achieve more. Well this year the plan was to do the Paris Marathon, but also be the strongest I have been for any of the marathons I have done (London, Brighton and now Paris). I ran the[…]

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Trans-Dermal Technology

Trans-Dermal Technology was created out of necessity by Ben Coomber, who is for me one of the key influences in my studies recently. Ben is one of the fitness industries top nutritionist, and has his own recognised nutrition academy to train fitness professionals like myself more in depth information about[…]

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Final Week of Project You personal training testimonial

Normally when I undertake a boot camp or a weight-loss programme I throw myself wholeheartedly into the venture for the first few days/weeks – diligently following whatever exercise plan I have been given and eating rice crackers and dust for lunch, until it all caves in and I begin to[…]

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Week 7 of Project You- motivation

words by Harriet Chubb of Hip & Healthy Having mostly tested out one-day or weekend bootcamps, an 8-week challenge did seem daunting to me at first, but I have found that because this process is about a lifestyle change and not just a quick fix that the time has flown[…]

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Project You Armageddon Testimonial

Harriet Chub of Hip and Healthy embarks on the 8 week Project You challenge. Homework, that’s not a word I expect to hear in my everyday life now that I have officially been out of education for over 5 years but for the last 6 weeks I have been fretting[…]

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Project You Personal Trainer Testimonial

“Remember abs start in the kitchen and not in the gym” stated Craig as I struggled with a 20 Kilo weight above my head and complained that my washboard stomach was yet to arrive. That has to be probably one of the most depressing things that someone like me can[…]

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