The Foundations- Push Up

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The Foundations- Push Up

In this weeks blog we are going to take a closer look at the press up and all its variations.

Within Obstacle Course Racing we are going to need to push ourselves off the floor to at least get back onto our feet after crawling under something. However, the push up crosses over to the crawl very nicely as well as helps with pushing yourself up and over an object. This is why we need to have a strong foundation push up.

So what is the push up? 

The push up is first of all a plank.





You then will lower into a bent arm plank. Note the elbows are tucked back to the side of the torso.


And finally a push up back up into the straight arm plank position.




A regression of this would be to elevate the upper body, reducing the amount of body weight during the push up. To progress you simply reduce the height of the bench you are using.

Once you have mastered the foundation push up you can then play around with all the variations you like such as, Persian push up, spider-man push up, Hindu Push up, Plyometric push up, Gymnast Push Up and many more.

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