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Obstacle Course Racing

What is Obstacle Course Racing (OCR)? 

There are many different obstacle course racing events through out the year such as Spartan races, Tough Mudder, The Elements OCR and Mud monster to name a few. These are running races that have obstacles such as high walls, spear throws, balance beams, monkey bars and much more to get around/ over/ under. The distances vary and so do the obstacles.


The Obstacle Course racing journey so far

I started obstacle course racing with the Spartan South East UK race in April having won a place in a local magazine competition 2 weeks before the race. Having been training a client for obstacle course racing I had an idea of what was going to be involved but knew I wasn’t going to be “running fit” as I had not run for a very long time. However, I was definitely going to give it a good go.


I absolutely loved the Spartan Sprint race and having failed just one obstacle, the spear throw, on the course I was very happy and my running wasn’t as bad as I thought i may have been. Coming 30th out of 354 people in my age category gave me a huge boost and gave me the bug for more obstacle course racing.


I enjoyed the spartan race so much I then booked onto an obstacle course local to Tonbridge called The Elements OCR in June. The weather was amazing, the course was so much fun and it was a longer distance which this time I had done some more running training. This one was not chip timed so I am not sure the time or place I came but I had so much fun I was not bothered and it had set me up for the following week.


The following week I was racing The Mud Monster, this one was timed so I wanted to do well. Being a slightly shorter distance than The Elements race the week before I knew my running would be ok. Again I got around this one without any issues on the obstacles so was a case of how quickly had I run? I managed to come 11th overall and 4th in my age category I was very happy again!


This weekend just gone I took part in the Tough Mudder 10 mile OCR with Josh and Alex. Tough Mudder is all about team work and getting to the finish so our plan was to stick together, have a laugh along the way and get to the finish- and that is exactly what we did. Having a group of friends to go round with made the whole event so much fun!


Whats next?

Next year I am booked for the same first three events: Spartan South East Race, The Elements OCR and Mud Monster. I am also looking at different events that may qualify me for the World Championships.

I will follow this blog on with a few Obstacle Course Racing blogs that may help with your training, nutrition and OCR Kit.

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