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What’s new at Craig’s Fitness

Seems like the Craig’s Fitness website crashed for a few months without me noticing. All the host websites and servers I use said it was running fine, until I went to view my own website and it wasn’t there. Long story short it is now fixed!



So what has been going on with Craig’s Fitness? So back in December 2017 I was shortlisted as Personal Trainer of the Year in the UK by the National Fitness Awards with Workout Magazine! Unfortunately I did not win but I did get down to the last 6 in the UK. Following that I was shortlisted for Employee of the Year for the Times of Tonbridge Business Awards. Again I made it to the last three but it wasn’t to be- but it was a great night meeting people from all around Tonbridge and Tunbridge Well who came from all different jobs, our table had a cake company, a barbers and a gym on it- so very different.


Further Education

Since the beginning of the year (2018) I have completed my first year of my part time masters degree in Obesity and Weight Management at The University of Chester. This academic year I have completed 4 modules which included The Obesity Epidemic, Behaviour Modification, Exercise and Weight Management, and Dietary Approaches to Weight Management. In my Second Year I should hopefully finish the Masters with the following modules; Causes and Assessments of Obesity, Research Methods and Data Analysis, and finally my Research Project.


I also took part in one of the first Stick Mobility courses in the UK. Stick Mobility is a great tool for getting people moving, I have been able to use this in most peoples sessions if appropriate and I have used it with Pro Boxer Lewis Syrett to help prepare him for his fights.


Most recently I have took a course in order to gain the award in education and training. This qualification will allow me to teach gym instructor courses, personal trainer courses, nutrition courses along with many continuous professional development courses. Don’t worry I’m not leaving the Personal Training business I just want to expand into training trainers myself.


What to look out for

So what to look out for? We have many more Callisthenics workshops being ran out of The SCI, another Hypertrophy Workshop by the end of the year and many more client success stories.


Personally I will continue with my education, and get a few more Obstacle course races in (hopefully keep improving) as well as working on my own calisthenic training.


Oh, and one last thing

I got married on 3rd August. We had an amazing day and would like to thank everyone who sent their best wishes and was their on the day. ¬†I am now officially Mr Craig Alexander (I took my wife’s surname).


Thank you all for your continued support with Craig’s Fitness!

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