Train Like a Dog to Look Like a God – Helios Vitamin D

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Train Like a Dog to Look Like a God – Helios Vitamin D

Train Like a Dog to Look Like a God – the dyslexic trainers manual to add lean tissue and reduce body fat!

This Train Like a Dog to Look Like a God Blog is focusing on Vitamin D and is called Helios after the Greek God.



In Greek Mythology Helios was the Sun God, he was portrayed as a mighty charioteer, riding his flaming chariot across the sky. Helios was depicted as a very handsome man crowned with a golden aureole, which accented his role as the Sun God. The characteristic chariot was drawn by four winged horses.


Vitamin D

“Vitamin D- Not strictly a Vitamin, but the precursor of a hormone involved in Calcium management and the regulation of cells proliferation and differentiation where it has both endocrine and paracrine actions.

Dietary forms are relatively limited, the real production comes from synthesis in the skin, real deficiencies arise when there is inadequate sunlight exposure which can lean to rickets or ostemalacia in adults.”  Richard Sennewald, BTN Foundation Academy 2014

Vitamin D has recently been called the miracle supplement as it has shown to affect recovery and body composition, some studies have shown low levels of Vitamin D can cause obesity.

Vitamin D has also been linked with blood pressure regulation, insulin secretion and our immune system. With all these in mind we can see why Vitamin D is fast becoming a hot topic.

As the sun is shining make sure you top up your Vitamin D levels and feel the benefits listed above!


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