Train Like a Dog to Look like a God -Rome the Deadlift

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Train Like a Dog to Look like a God -Rome the Deadlift

Train Like a Dog to Look Like a God – the dyslexic trainers manual to add lean tissue and reduce body fat!

This Train Like a Dog to Look Like a God Blog is focusing on a compound exercise called the Deadlift and is named Rome.


According to Roman Mythology a Roman General had issues with his Roman army being injured walking over the dead bodies they had slain. Marching forward the army would fall or injure themselves. So, the Roman General taught his army to pick up the bodies so that they would no longer get injured. Thus the Deadlift was born.

The Deadlift

The deadlift is on par with Squats (to come later) as one of the greatest exercises for Fat loss and adding lean tissue. Deadlifts use many muscles and activate the Central Nervous System priming the body to be in the right state to burn calories and shed body fat. Deadlifts also help the body to produce hormones such as Growth Hormone and Testosterone which aid in building lean tissue.

What is a Deadlift? Deadlifts are usually performed with a Barbell with weight plates added either side:

with the bar in front of you, loaded with the correct weight, walk up to the bar,

legs shoulder width apart,

feet under the bar,

sit into a squat to grab hold of the bar,

hold onto the bar, squeeze your shoulder blades back and look forward,

sit back into your heels so that your knees are no longer over the bar,

take a breath and drive through your feet, used your legs and push the hips forward (making sure you do not hyperextend the hips)

keeping the core tight push the hips back and return the bar to the floor.

Although this is a very basic explanation on how to perform a Deadlift I would recommend seeing a fitness professional to teach you the correct technique and what to look out for as if not performed correctly you can get injured.


Muscles Used

As mentioned before Deadlifts use a lot of different muscle groups so will help with fat loss but Deadlifts will also help with Posture, getting a strong core, building abdominal muscles, hormone release, and building a sting physique.

What muscles are used?



Increasing the weight

When first starting out with Deadlifts, or any exercise on that note, start with a weight that challenges you for 10 Reps but you do not hit failure even after 3 sets. Increase the weights in small increments (around 5kg max) each week of your program, your body needs to be tested but you want to build layers of muscles so that your body will strengthen all the muscle groups needed to perform the Deadlift.


Rome wasn’t built in a day. Great physiques also are not built in a day, but they are built using compound exercises and consistency is key.

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