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Trans-Dermal Technology

Trans-Dermal Technology was created out of necessity by Ben Coomber, who is for me one of the key influences in my studies recently. Ben is one of the fitness industries top nutritionist, and has his own recognised nutrition academy to train fitness professionals like myself more in depth information about nutrition to help my clients become more awesome.

What is Trans-Dermal Technology?

Trans-Dermal Technology has two products available, both of which are sprayed onto the skin. Transdermal- is a route of administration wherein active ingredients are delivered across the skin for systemic distribution (wikipedia 2014)

What are the two Trans-Dermal Technology Products?

Trans-Dermal Technology Performance Spray: the simplest way to describe the theory behind the performance spray is to liken it to a can of red bull or a pre workout performance product. The performance Spray is rubbed between the hands, has a fraction of  the dose needed for the same performance enhancing effect, is more effective and fast acting.

Trans-Dermal Technology Recovery Spray: This is by far my favourite product and I use it every time after training. Lather your muscles straight after exercise in compounds that are proven to make you less sore after training, increase your rate of recovery, and make you feel fresher to train. Applying the nutrients within the Trans-Dermal Technology Recovery Spray directly to the skin is by far more effective than taking them orally.



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