Week 7 of Project You- motivation

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Week 7 of Project You- motivation

words by Harriet Chubb of Hip & Healthy

Having mostly tested out one-day or weekend bootcamps, an 8-week challenge did seem daunting to me at first, but I have found that because this process is about a lifestyle change and not just a quick fix that the time has flown by. However, it was at the 6/7th week that I started to lack motivation and so turned to my personal trainer, Craig, for some tips on how to stay motivated. This week I thought I would share them with you all to help you stay positive with your training:

What keeps you motivated to train on a day-to-day basis?
At first I was training for particular events (marathons) then after getting injured and not being able to do any cardio for 7 months I started training for a photo shoot we had coming up at work, now I am training to get back to full fitness so I can try out Cross Fit. Basically I would highly recommend giving yourself goals to aim for – that really keeps you motivated.

What are your top 3 motivational tips?
1. Get your family and friends involved, having a training partner gives you more of a reason to go for that run, or to the gym or get to that class.

2. Plan your workouts, having a plan at the gym means you can get in, get out and not get distracted.

3. Don’t use the scales as your only way of measuring your success, how you feel, energy levels, body measurements all should be taken into account.

Would you say that it is just as important for the trainer to be motivated to help as much as the client must be motivated to help themselves?
If a client is having a bad day or week, feeling their goals are slipping away from them, then it is the role of the personal trainer to get the client back on track. Giving a client that motivation to get through a session can give them the motivation to continue for the rest of the week until I see them again.

Have you had any clients on the Project: You programme who have turned their life around completely?
With Project: You we look at educating our clients to make the correct choices, be it with nutrition, whether to stay in or go and do that run they planned. I like to think our clients continue this after Project: You, the programme is designed to be sustainable and so it is possible to make those permanent changes in order to turn your life around.

Is it wrong to feel motivated by food, or being able to fit into that dress?
Everyone is motivated by different things, if it gets people to workout and keeps them fit and healthy then anything that gives you that motivation, I feel, is a good thing.

Other than exercise/training/work – what else keeps you motivated?
My competitive nature. I like to know I have tried my hardest and always want to succeed in what I do. I think this came from always playing team sports and not wanting to let other people down, trying to motivate the team to success.


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