Final Week of Project You personal training testimonial

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Final Week of Project You personal training testimonial

Normally when I undertake a boot camp or a weight-loss programme I throw myself wholeheartedly into the venture for the first few days/weeks – diligently following whatever exercise plan I have been given and eating rice crackers and dust for lunch, until it all caves in and I begin to slip back to my old habits (especially in the diet department). Then, ashamedly, a few days before the final weigh in I starve myself to ‘trick’ the scales; of course I am only ‘tricking’ myself here and this sort of behaviour benefits no one involved.

However, I can proudly say that for the first time this hasn’t happened with Project: You. I have stuck to my programme – easily. The largest change that I have implemented throughout the eight weeks is most definitely my diet. The exercise (especially personal training) has been fantastic but I am a naturally active person and physical activity has always been in my life. But if you have been following these entries you will know that my problem laid in consistently eating bad snacks, heavy meals late at night and throwing all caution to the wind on a weekend. This was almost definitely because I was so stuck in my ‘three meals a day’ mantra (which always included a heavily carb based dinner) and I didn’t feel like this was something I should change – it certainly never occurred to me that you can eat more than three meals a day and not put on weight, but that is what I am now doing everyday and I find myself so much more in control of my eating habits. It is even starting to become second nature which surprises me no end. As recommended by Craig my Project: You trainer, my day now consists of five small meals and I find myself not wanting for sugar rich snacks or heavy carbs – a real change for me.

The other aspect of the course that I will also take away with me is the introduction of weight training to my life. I have even waffled on about this revelation for one whole entry so you can probably tell how much of a convert I have become. I certainly attribute my new found strength and tone to this genre of training but I can’t believe how much it has clearly contributed to my weight loss/body fat percentage as well. This is because (previously unknown to me) after a weights session is finished you are continually burning calories into the next day while the muscles are repairing themselves, you may burn 400 calories on a 45 minute run, but as soon as you stop running you stop burning the calories. Genius.

But the one thing that I can’t stress enough about the programme is how bespoke it is. The entire eight weeks is tailored specifically to your needs and your activities will also depend on what trainer you are assigned to. For example, both Richard and Craig are the only official Armageddon Trainers at Exclusive Training currently so another personal trainer would give you entirely different homework to what I have experienced (lucky you). My goals at the beginning of the programme were to tone and strengthen my entire body, gain a flat stomach and change my eating habits. I wasn’t that interested in losing much weight, to me, even if my weight went up to 10 stone and this was all muscle not fat, I would be very happy and my BMI would still be very healthy. But everyone is different and they do sometimes need to restrict a client’s calorie intake for the duration of the programme in order for people to reach their desired goals.

Anyway, enough of the monologue, here are my Project: You Week 8 RESULTS:


Start date = 9.5 stone

End date = 9.1 stone

Body Fat %:

Start date = 25.6 %

End date = 21 %

Lean muscle mass:

Start date = 6.8

End date = 6.12

Metabolic Age (this is how fast your metabolism is working):

Start date = Age 20

End date = Age 12

Waist measurements:

Start date = 80cm

End date = 71 cm

Bum measurements:

Start date = 95 cm

End date = 93 cm

Leg measurements:

Start date = L: 47 cm R: 46.5 cm

End date = L: 48cm R: 47 cm

Fitness Test Results (all 60 seconds):

Start date = Pull ups: Zero, Push ups: 20, Squats: 26, Plank: 1 minute

End date = Pull ups: 1 (yes!!) Push ups: 30, Squats: 40, Plank: 1 minute

To put it quite simply, I am thrilled with the results. Everything has gone down that should have and everything that has gone up has gone up in the right places. As you can see, I haven’t actually lost that much weight overall but certain measurements have had huge improvements, particularly my waist and my metabolic age – proving that your weight is just a very small portion in the whole health and fitness picture. I also managed to finally achieve that all-important pull up thanks to many hours of training on the GTS machine. Phew. Most significantly I can tell you that it has been one week since the training has ended and I have seamlessly continued on my new found health and fitness path. This has not just been an 8 week challenge, but a lifestyle overhaul and one which I, so far, have stuck to and most significantly intend to carry on into the long term.

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