Project You Armageddon Testimonial

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Project You Armageddon Testimonial

Harriet Chub of Hip and Healthy embarks on the 8 week Project You challenge.

Homework, that’s not a word I expect to hear in my everyday life now that I have officially been out of education for over 5 years but for the last 6 weeks I have been fretting about my ‘homework’ on the Project: You challenge. As previously mentioned, it really makes a difference having motivation in the form of a personal trainer, that weekly check in ensures that you do try your best and you don’t give up easily. However, there is of course a huge degree of self-motivation needed for the Armageddon homework tasks I have been set and I have at times struggled. But I can see that these exercises really are the basis of all my training and are what is keeping me on track with Project: You. Developed by Richard Callender, the Armageddon fitness concept is based around a circuit framework; using only the weight of your own body it encompasses various short bursts of exercises that are designed to encourage your fitness levels, promote fat loss and gain muscle mass. This form of training has been coined as VIIT (Variable Intensity Interval Training) which lives up to its name; it really is intense! It may seem easy when written down on paper but repeating these exercises for one minute at a time with only 10 seconds rest is so much harder than you think.

Take a look below to find out what exercise I have been doing at home and give them a go yourself, all you need to do is download any ‘boxing timer’ app on your phone or ipad and away you go, but remember – do NOT stop!!

Week 1-3

The exercises:

Pylo push up
Abdominal Twist
Jumping Jacks
Isometric Squat
Inverted Shoulder Press
Tomb Stone
High Kness
Glute Kickback
Reverse Crunch

Week 3-5

The exercises:

Plyo Lunges
Push Up
Shuttle Run
Sumo Squats
Mountain Climbers
Wood Choppers
Tricep Dips

Week 5- 8
The exercises:
Windscreen Wipers
Inverted Shoulder Press
180 Squat Thrusts
Renegade Row Press
Jumping Jacks
Dive Bomber
Isometric Crunch
Lunge with Twist
Yes, some are rather cryptic, but if you are intrigued then I would suggest checking out the awesome Armageddon website and finding your nearest trainer. The great thing for me now that I am on track to completing Project: You is that I have these practiced exercises banked in my mind and ready to use at home weeks after my training has finished. Make sure you also look out for the brilliant extension to the concept that makes it all so unique, a bespoke programme called ARM that will enable you too track your progress against your classes. It’s ‘no more excuses’ training and its the best homework I’ve done in 5 years.


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