Project You week 4 Boxercise Testimonial

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Project You week 4 Boxercise Testimonial

Project: You Week 4 – Boxercise Class
by Harriet Chubb, Feature Editor of Hip & Healthy

If I ever needed evidence to show me that I am getting fitter and stronger through Project: You it happened this morning in a mad dash for the train. Sprinting across pavements and streets, leaping up steps like a gazelle two at a time, ducking and weaving through commuters and one giant jump from the platform to the shoddy train later, I sat in the only vacant seat and realised that I wasn’t out of breath and that my heart wasn’t trying to escape from my chest. Progress. It is small things like this and the fact that going on a lunchtime run I feel so much stronger in my legs that have made me realise how far I have come and I am only halfway through the process. Weight wise; I have noticed that I’ve lost weight from my face, my hips and most notably my arms, which surprises me as I thought I didn’t have any weight to lose in that area particularly. It strikes me that embarking on something like this makes you focus on your whole body rather than what you are bothered about – i.e. achieving a flat stomach. I have become so much more aware of my body in a holistic sense, including nutrition, as opposed to obsessively worrying about one part of it – a habit I think we are all guilty of from time to time.

One of the aspects of Project: You that have contributed massively to my newly toned arms and overall strength have to be my Boxercise classes. As part of the process Richard Callender advises that in order to keep a varied routine in your training you should sign up to a weekly class to complement the PT sessions and Armageddon homework. With a variety of classes to choose, from Power Plates to Pilates, I went for Boxercise as it is something I have enjoyed before.

It just so happens that Craig, my assigned Personal Trainer, is also the Boxcercise Trainer at the studio. This is one of the main benefits of joining a gym such as this, unlike other huge corporate training spaces who always have such a high turnover of staff, Exclusive Training has a real ‘family’ atmosphere, after being there for just a month I recognise all the trainers and they are always keen to say hello; it’s the personal touch that makes such a difference. Another huge advantage is the class sizes, being that I have frequently had a class size of either just me, or myself and another lady named Daphne – this is a far cry from the Leisure centre classes I have attended where the instructors don’t even look you once in the eye let alone know your name as there are 30 + in the class. This is mainly in the evening classes however; I am told that the 9:30am classes have a few more people (I think down to those enviable yummy mummies in Richmond) although there is still less than 10 participants even then.

As the classes are only half an hour there is no frustrating waiting around or long explanations, it has to be full on from start to finish. The boxing gloves are donned and it is immediately into 20 straight punches followed by x2 press ups on the power plate back into 20 straight punches for 2 mins before going straight into the next exercise. 20 hooks follow 20 upper cuts rounded off with another 20 straight punches with lunges, squats and sit ups in between before a 30 second rest is allowed. This routine takes up half of the class but it is so quick and varied that you don’t even notice the time fly. The second half has to be my favourite where we build on a boxing routine, including leaning, ducks and complicated pad work to eventually complete a whole sequence. This is less mindless than the previous drills and demands both physical and mental concentration; but when you finally master it the sense of achievement is huge. See the video below of Craig demonstrating the sequence he taught me in the class, I didn’t want to subject you to a video of me as my tortoise skills would bore you quickly…this is how it is really done:

In all honesty I was slightly sceptical when I heard that the classes were only half an hour, personally if I am paying for a class I feel it should be a minimum of 45 minutes, however the amount that is packed into this 30 minutes is better than any hour long class I have done with other companies. As is true with many things; quality really is better than quantity, and even better that I can spend the other 30 minutes doing something else with my life (invariably watching TV). At only £90 for 12 sessions, I can highly recommend them as a quick, affordable and most of all effective blast of exercise targeting the whole body.

So, it is mid-way through the Project: You process and I am sure you are all wondering how I am measuring up to my 4 week-ago-self, take a look at my halfway stats below for an idea:

Beginning weight: 9.5 stone

Week 4 weight: 9.3 stone


Beginning body fat percentage: 25 per cent

Week 4 fat percentage: 22 per cent


Beginning Metabolic age: 20

Week 4 Metabolic age: 15 (This is the age of your metabolism)


Beginning waist: 80 cm

Week 4 waist: 79 cm


Beginning bum: 95 cm

Week 4 bum: 93 cm


Beginning legs (circumference of thighs): R – 44 cm L – 45 cm

Week 4 legs: R – 46.5 cm L- 47 cm


Although they may not seem like dramatic losses, I am thrilled with my progress so far, this is a healthy rate of loss and has simply been achieved through mindful eating and increased, supervised exercise. No fad diets or cutting out food groups. I am especially pleased with the fact that my lean muscle has increased and my thigh muscles have grown, attributing to my new improved strength.

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