8 week Project:You Testimonial

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8 week Project:You Testimonial

We follow Hip & Healthy Feature Editor, Harriet Chubb, on ‘Biggest Loser’s” Richard Callender’s eight-week body challenge. Plus be inspired by her pre- and post-workout videos below

It is day one as I embark on an 8 week physical (and I assume mental) journey under the watchful eye of Richard Callendar – personal trainer and ITV’s This Morning fitness expert. If you have seen the ITV1 show ‘The Biggest Loser’ (we were addicted) then you will perhaps understand the level of commitment expected from me by Richard and his team and I am more than a little apprehensive.

As avid readers may have noticed, I love putting myself through the newest bootcamp or fitness session, from weekend camps in Scotland to donning a weekly British Military Fitness tabard, I am always the first to put my hands up to the challenge in the hope that my body will, (finally) be revolutionised. This is the difference I am hoping to see with the Project You programme; long term results. Although everything I have previously tested has been great, it has never quite been enough to truly kick-start that new lifestyle and subsequently that new body I have been craving for years.

Based at his new gym Exclusive Training conveniently located in Richmond, Richard has devised an 8 week plan of personal training, innovative exercise classes, home workouts and nutrition advice all designed to give you a new attitude to your fitness and diet. The best part? It is all entirely bespoke, each programme is tailored to the individuals needs, and so whether you have struggled with your weight and diet inspiration for years or consider yourself to be an elite athlete – your training will be calculated to give you the optimum results possible.

My induction begins with the necessary measurements taken, weight, height, body fat % and the dreaded waist, hips and thigh inches duly noted. It is frightening how quickly these numbers peak over the Christmas period and it certainly gives me much needed motivation. After a quick fitness test, in which my score for a pull up/chin up equalled zero (!), my personal trainer takes me through the home exercise for the week, the aptly named ‘Armageddon.’ A series of intense exercises over a 12 minute period using only your body weight, 60 seconds on and 10 seconds rest – repeated twice over. This tried and tested technique was a concept created by Richard a few years ago and has become incredibly popular; in fact, Richard even bought it to our screens as part of his intensive and effective training regime during ITV1’s The Biggest Loser. Find out how I did in the before and after video below!!

After working out my weekly exercise plan would consist of 2 x one hour personal training sessions, 1 x boxcercise class, 1 x run at work and 2 x Armageddon home exercises, I did the maths and realised that I would only be getting one rest day a week. Only 8 days of rest over an 8 week period sounds especially daunting to me, being someone who occasionally considers walking to the station in the morning exercise; but I very much hope that this is the beginning of change and that eventually this much exercise will become the ‘norm’ in my life.

In the next 7 weeks I am going to be updating you weekly on my progress, what the sessions consist of, advice I am bestowed with, exerts of my personalised food diary (my personal trainer is currently analysing my first food diary, a compulsory part of the programme) and of course those all important measurements that will (hopefully) tangibly show you exactly how I am getting on.


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