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DNA Fit Genetics

All humans genes are 99.9% identical, but that 0.1% dose make a huge difference.

Ditch the one size fits all diets and workout plans, and find out what plan fits your genetics.

With DNA Fit we are now able to look at what is the best training plan to follow, what is the best diet to follow, are you more susceptible to injury and much more all through a DNA Fit Genetic test.

When I took my Body Performance Pro DNA Fit Genetic test I decided to write down first what I though I would be before finding out my results so I could compare with my results.

So Diet wise : 

I thought I was one of those people who can eat what they want, not really have to look at how many carbohydrates I eat and still maintain the same weight of around 9stone 10. I believed I was not Carbohydrate or Fat sensitive nor Lactose or Gluten intolerant. I believed I was just a typical ectomorph, find it hard to gain muscle but also don’t put on fat either.

So Training wise :

I have always played sports which are very cardiovascular, tennis, football, running to name a few. I have ran 3 marathons, London, Brighton and Paris. In football teams I am mainly known as the guy who doesn’t stop running. When training in the gym I would normally train for hypertrophy so a rep range of 10-15 and 3-4 sets. So from this I believed I would be around 70% endurance and 30% power.

DNA Fit Genetic results :

So What could the DNA Fit Genetic test tell me, after all its my body I should know after 26 years!


My carbohydrate sensitivity came out as high- This is an overall measure of the potential effects of your combined genotype on aspects such as carbohydrate metabolism and assimilation, short term glucose fluctuations and longer term insulin sensitivity.

My fat sensitivity came back as low- this would affect various aspects including fat absorption from food in the intestines, transport and metabolism and the effect of saturated and unsaturated fats on your blood lipid profile.


As you can see my prediction was way out on my DNA Fit Genetic fit test, I had it the wrong way round!

I also found out that I have a very slow recovery rate and have high injury risk- this actually makes sense I have when playing sports had may injures most recently tearing my Anterior Cruciate Ligament playing football. Also in the DNA Fit Genetic diet test it says I need to increase my antioxidants, which reduce the effects of free radicals, the molecules responsible for ageing, tissue damage and even some diseases.

Other bits the DNA Fit Genetic test told me was I have normal sensitivity to Alcohol and Caffeine, I am low risk for Lactose or Gluten intolerance and I have normal Vitamin D needs.

So how does this affect me now?

Fortunately enough I have been working with the Strength and Conditioning Institute coaches to look at adding more muscle and reducing as much body fat as possible for the last 6 weeks. Whilst doing this we reduced my carbohydrates, increased my fats and protein intake per day- Low Carbohydrate Diet.

We also started a power training protocol called 5,3,1 as this was something new and I hadn’t done before- Power based training.

So for the last six weeks we have been doing exactly what my DNA Fit Genetic test would suggest. I have two more weeks doing this plan before my before and after pictures get released, so we will see for certain if training with genetics on your side makes a difference? I will continue this style of diet and training for the foreseeable future as there is no point in fighting genetics.

Use your genetics to reach your full potential.


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